Inserting a Tension-Free Vaginal Tape

Inserting a Tension-Free Vaginal Tape


Stress incontinence is when urine leaks from your bladder. It usually happens when you do things that place pressure (stress) on your bladder such as exercise, laughing, coughing and sneezing. Having weak pelvic-floor muscles is a common cause of stress incontinence. The weakness is usually caused by the muscles being stretched or damaged during childbirth. Sometimes stress incontinence can be caused or made worse by a weakness in the urinary sphincter. The problem is often made worse if you are overweight or smoke, and tends to get worse with age


The operation is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. The operation usually takes about 30 minutes.

Your doctor will make two small cuts on the lower part of your abdomen and another small cut on your vagina just below your urethra (tube that carries urine from your bladder).